Much ado for nothing – A fable

There is a Saying in Gujarati as “Who can tell a tiger that its mouth smells bad all the times?” The following is a fable thought by me based on the above Saying with no any idea of mine to point out any moral lesson at the end as it is already self-explanatory in the title of this post. Now, proceed on to read:

“Once there was an assembly of animals, birds and insects in a jungle. Due to one or the other reason, none of the lions and tigers could attend the gathering. By taking the chance of their absence, the rest participants present there started to criticize them for their drawbacks. They mainly commented that their mouths smelt badly all the times. The streams are always flowing in the mountains, but they never care to wash their mouths and wander with stains of blood on their mouths and having fibers of flesh in their teeth unpicked.

A parrot said, “Though they (Lions and tigers) may be the Kings or the Deputies of the forest respectively, we, as their subject, must draw their attention towards their drawback by speaking to them face to face.”

All were in disagreement with the proposal of the parrot as it was totally impossible for any of the creatures to undergo such a risk. The timid hare said, “No, Baba, No. I can’t. Even nobody can! Dare to do so is just like washing away hands with one’s life.”

A group of mosquitoes humming together accepted the challenge to act in a different way. They said, “They know that we are always there wherever the bad smell exists. We shall fly near their mouths and they would realize their drawback of bad smell from their mouths themselves.”

The Chief of the monkeys nodded and advised the mosquitoes not to take any such risk in the words as “They rule over the jungle with their physical power and strength only, but they are lacking brains to understand what you mean to convey and they will swallow you all.”

The mosquitoes were firm on their part and requested to all to allow them to take the risk. The Chiefs of all sorts of creatures, with their mutual consultation, allowed them to make an experiment on any one lion or tiger. They thought that if they are victimized, the minimum casualty might occur.”

All creatures unanimously resolved to allow the mosquitoes to make the experiment under the supervision of monkeys. The mosquitoes were very enthusiastic to make the experiment immediately. They flew to the den of a tiger. Luckily, the tiger was out of the den sitting with its half closed eyes. All creatures hiding themselves in the thicket of the forest were there as the spectators. The monkeys were sitting in the branches of the trees. The Chief of the monkeys with its shrill cry ordered the mosquitoes to march on for the mission.

But, to the surprise of all spectators, the Chief of the monkeys was being proved to be true in its forecast. The tiger, stretching its open mouth speedily, started to swallow the mosquitoes. All were horrified with the scene. The Chief of the monkeys, as the part of its emergency service, jumped down the tree and slapped the tiger heavily on its right cheek and climbed up the tree quickly.

Now, the tiger was annoyed with the daring of the monkey. It stopped killing the mosquitoes and targeted the Chief of the monkeys to attack. It jumped and jumped up roaring loudly to reach the monkey for its hunt in revenge of own insult. The tiger was mad with its anger. It tried to climb the tree as younger tigers do, but it could not do so due to being adult and overweight. Then it began to collect some stones and dry branches of the trees fallen down to make a heap to jump from upward to the branch where the monkey was sitting. After the tiresome labor for hours, it could succeed to make the heap to jump. But, meanwhile, the clever monkey jumped to a branch of another tree smilingly.

The tiger toiled day and night to shift the heap of woods and stones from tree to tree as the monkey changed the trees. All creatures were very much delighted with the scene that the tiger had already gone mad for its revenge. It forgot to drink water or have its food with its hunt. Its only goal was to finish the monkey to death. Its mouth was injured with thorny branches and pointed stones that it pushed from one place to another. Its mental state had now turned to be trifle. Its breathing was moving fast. Its heart was beating heavily. Its legs were stumbling as if it had lost its control over them.

At long last on the third day of its non-stop struggle to kill the Chief of the monkeys for the revenge of a single slap, the tiger collapsed down as an empty jute bag falls down and it lay flat on the ground breathing fast with front legs kept together as if it was apologizing from all creatures with the defeat accepted.”

– Valibhai Musa

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