What else? – Nothing, but humor!

One day at commencing of an OPD in an asylum, the only patient brought before the team of doctors was interviewed with the typical question as “When we discharge you after fully cured, what will you do  first?” The patient  replied instantly, “I’ll collect  some  pieces of  stones, throw  them towards all windows  and  doors of   your  hospital  made of  glass and break  them  down.” The question and  its answer were recorded on the case paper and he was admitted as an indoor patient for treatment.

After three months, the same patient was asked the same question and to the satisfaction of doctors he replied, “Sirs, I’ll try to have a job for earning.”

“Very good! What next?”

“I’ll save money and marry a beautiful woman.”

Doctors were excited as they were getting different answers with signs of cure.


“I’ll ask my wife to prepare a cup of coffee for me.”

“Excellent! What then?”

“I’ll ask her to bring for me the pair of pincers and our son’s old trousers.”

Doctors were somewhat confused, even though they continued to ask further, “What next, dear friend?”

“I’ll cut the elastic strip from trousers, tie it with the ends of pincers and make a pellet-bow.”

“Oh! My God, but why?”

“To throw pieces of stones with it to break down the glasses of all the doors and windows of your hospital! What else?”

– Valibhai Musa

About Valibhai Musa

I am known with my nickname 'William' also in Blogging world. My Blog title is 'William's Tales', a bilingual Blog (English & Gujarati). My e-books in number of 13 (English-3 & Gujarati-10) have been published through BookGanga - Pune. Most of my literary work is in form of essays on human life - its direction, destination, peace & problems. I have written stories and poetry also In Gujarati. I am a super senior citizen and have been living my life with my motto 'Live and Let Live.' My Blogs :- (1) "William's Tales" - http://musawilliam.wordpress.com (૨) "વલદાનો વાર્તાવૈભવ" - https://musavalibhai.wordpress.com
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2 Responses to What else? – Nothing, but humor!

  1. chandravadan says:

    This Post is a Translated Version from your Gujarati Post.
    I read your Post in Gujarati.
    I read also the “nice” Comments”.esp. of Pragnajuben Vyas.
    Here I am !
    Read the Post.
    Liked by a Doctor”Rajendra Trivedi”.
    I am the 2nd one ….another doctor.
    Mental Ilness is the Curiosity of the Humans. Humans who claimes to have the intelect to understand the World.
    Even in the Sanity, do the Humans really understand everything ?
    This I ask as I often wonder why then the Humans kill other Humans? Why they wish to harm others?
    Are we all mad ?
    That person in this Story is claimed by ALL as the odd person & termed “MAD” by the Human Judgement standards. What will he be called in the Divine Court ?
    We all MAD !
    The entire HUMAN LIFE is there to TRANSORM ourselves & fill our Hearts with “Humanity & Love”..then one looks for GOD ( Allah/Bhagvan) within & not outside.
    I am also a Mad one !
    Do you believe me or laugh me off as a Madman ?
    Valibhai…Thanks for your visit/comment on Chandrapukar..Please do revisit.


  2. La' Kant says:

    મૂળ સ્વભાવ ….હતા ત્યાંના ત્યાં… આ પહેલાં આપે મોકલ્યું છે વલીભાઇ …ફરીથી રમુજ .!
    -લા/ 12-8-13


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