Hard hearing guys (A three liner play-story)

Preface :

(In literature, many wonderful and challenging experiments have been done by the Writers; like “6 – word biography”, “2 – liner story” etc.. Here, I have written a funny Play containing only three dialogues with two characters, un-named.)

Hard hearing guys

“Hey! Are you going to watch a movie?”

“No! I am going to watch a movie.”

“Oh! I thought you are going to watch a movie!”

– Valibhai Musa

About Valibhai Musa

I am known with my nickname 'William' also in Blogging world. My Blog title is 'William's Tales', a bilingual Blog (English & Gujarati). My e-books in number of 13 (English-3 & Gujarati-10) have been published through BookGanga - Pune. Most of my literary work is in form of essays on human life - its direction, destination, peace & problems. I have written stories and poetry also In Gujarati. I am a super senior citizen and have been living my life with my motto 'Live and Let Live.' My Blogs :- (1) "William's Tales" - http://musawilliam.wordpress.com (૨) "વલદાનો વાર્તાવૈભવ" - https://musavalibhai.wordpress.com
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1 Response to Hard hearing guys (A three liner play-story)

  1. La' Kant says:

    Yes ,Already heard story,Joke,Sir.


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